For more than 30 years, Essie has been an industry icon, trusted by beauty professionals, celebrities and even royalty! An American classic, Essie allows women all over the world to express themselves and have fun with color and whimsical names. When it comes to guaranteed professional, high-quality manicure standard, Essie nail polish is the go-to brand.

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A philosophy dedicated to care and beauty. Throughout the world, Mavala is recognized as the leader in nail care. Since 1958, the Mavala Clinic and Research Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland have specialized in solving problems related to beauty and care of hands—especially nails! Each Mavala product has been carefully studied and structured to fill a specific need.

This Eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin will leave your hands and feet soft and supple without harming the environment! Wholesome Eco-fin is made with 100 percent natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils. As you slip you hands or feet into herbal mitts filled with this warm, aromatic paraffin alternative you’ll breathe a sigh of sweet relief. Then you’ll relax while nourishing Eco-fin moisturizes dry skin and soothes tired muscles.


The original power polish combined the ease of nail polish with the performance of gel—true innovation. And the results? Glorious, high-gloss shine that is truly addictive and lasts up to 14 days with no chips and zero dry time.